Code Review

We investigate any codes, ordinances, and regulations that govern. This includes researching The International Building Codes, Illinois Accessibility Code, International Energy Conservation Code, Illinois Plumbing Code, and National Electric and Mechanical Codes.

Design and Design Development

We design your project to suit your needs and requirements. We provide drawings and ideas to produce a preliminary design option. We then work with your preliminary design option and, predicated upon code review, material selections, your special needs, and your input, we develop the final design. This would include floor plans, elevations, and building sections. We meet with you during this phase to secure your satisfaction and approval.

Construction Documents

We provide a set of comprehensive construction documents. These documents would include foundation plans, floor plans, elevations, wall and building sections, and other necessary details to build the building. Also a manual or list of specifications indicating products, materials, construction procedures and codes to be used as a standard for the bidding process and construction, would be prepared. These construction documents can be submitted for building permits and distributed to contractors for their construction cost bids on the building work.

Consultant Coordination

We employ and work with engineering consultants for civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler design work. They prepare the required documents, plans and specifications for these portions, according to the overall building design. The consultant’s documents are incorporated in the total construction documents package.


We can compile a list of contractors, from our recommended list of contractors that we have worked with. They would submit formal bid estimates, which would be the actual cost to build the proposed building. We can handle all distribution of construction documents, answer the bidder’s questions, open the bids, and tabulate all bid results. Upon review of the bids, we recommend a contractor for the construction.

Construction Observation

We can provide services to observe the construction and for the administration of the construction contract with the contractor. This would include observation of the building process during various phases, shop drawing review, and verification of materials and procedures for conformance to the construction documents.